Louisiana Storm & Disaster Restoration Pros

Suffering from major storm damage, fire damage or water damage can be catastrophic. Most people cannot storm-damage-cleanupeven begin to accurately evaluate the damage left behind from such a disaster. Thankfully the certified experts at Louisiana Restoration Pros are experts in the field of home restoration for disaster damage of any type. Louisiana Restoration Pros are available 24/7/365 because disaster doesn’t take a day off, nor do we. Not only do we have the expertise to help you through this crisis, we have compassion. We do more then restore homes and businesses, we restore lives and peace of mind.

Our experts will work with you to see if your insurance will cover the damage. We will send out a team to estimate the exact scope and extent of the damage that has occurred, and formulate a plan to restore your home or business, as well as any possessions which might be salvageable. We will also assure that no further damage takes place from left over water or smoke residue. Smoke residue and water creates damage over time to structures,building materials and possessions. The first 48 hours after a disaster can mean the property, including board up service if necessary.

We handle smoke and soot residue removal, and fire damage repair to your home or structure. Smoke residue in and of itself is highly acidic and needs to be removed in a timely manner for the best chance of salvaging your structure and possessions. Some of your possessions may need to be treated and professionally cleaned. Our team of certified restoration experts will carefully and with the utmost respect


pack away any smoke damaged possessions and take them to our facility to be properly cleaned and restored.

For storm and water damage, we use equipment and techniques which reduce drying time. This saves building owners and insurance companies thousands of dollars. We use state of the art equipment to measure moisture content in every area of the structure, which cuts out any guess work. Quickly removing water from the structure prevents further water damage, as well as mitigating any potential mold outbreaks. Mold can and will take root in moist wet areas. Mold if it is allowed to take hold can cost thousands of dollars to remove.

Our expert technicians remove all traces of water and the damage it leaves behind. Water damage is time progressive and needs to be quickly removed to mitigate any further possible damage to your structure and possessions. With our state of the art equipment and products, along with our 20 years combined experience, you can be assured your home or structure will be as good as new if not better then new upon completion of your restoration project.

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